Covid Vaccine is a dangerous sham.

First, the US has had a patent on SARS and COVID, in general, since 2003. Which you can see in my previous post. Second, there hasn’t been much in terms of animal or human testing. Third, we have an amazing immune system. Our Immune system automatically builds antibodies. Fourth, it is not a vaccine. Vaccines contain proteins, this is mRNA, which changes a person’s genetic make up.. Also noted, in my last post, was how Fauci has many patents on mRNA and HIV. I also exposed Bill Gates’ involvement. Fifth, the constant changing of recommendations and lies told to the American people.

So let’s start with all the flip flopping. First, they told us the truth, Masks are useless. Leora Horowitz a doctor and Director of the Center for Healthcare innovation, posted on Twitter, that masks do not work. She explained the certification process that she has to go through annually. You can see her entire Twitter rant on it at the above link. Scroll past the picture. Next, let’s define who THEY are? They consist of the WHO, CDC and Fauci. After a short time, they reversed their advice and said you must wear a mask, no matter the composition and if you don’t you are a bad person. They said this with zero scientific information to back this up. First, they said it would just be for 2 weeks, to reduce the curve.Then they said you would need to wear masks until a vaccine became available. In this same article, you can see it goes from that to when we develop a big enough “herd immunity”. Which they said would be 14 days with 0 new cases.Then it turned into when we have peace of mind. Which is ridiculous because this is not something that can be measured. Here are the rest of their excuses: You don’t know how long it will take for people to get vaccinated. There is no idea who has been or hasn’t been vaccinated. They don’t know the vaccines effectiveness. We don’t know how long the vaccine will be effective. People can be reinfected. These were in an article by Forbes.

So let’s look at some facts. Hospitals were NEVER over run, like we were told.Dr. Fauci said we should all be under lockdown. The states with the most draconian lock downs had the highest death counts. Seven states never locked down. Those states are: North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Wyoming. These states alone, proved that Fauci, the CDC and the WHO were wrong. This is all per the comprehensive research done by the American Institute for Economic Research or AIER. In fact, the lock downs have proven to be quite detrimental. The lock downs actually increased suicides and domestic violence. Instead of America being able to live out the pandemic in relative peace, the lock down policies brought about economic devastation as seen by the 9.9%, 8.3%, 8.1% unemployment rates, respectively. Take my state, Maine, for example. We have very low numbers and a very low death toll. Even with all of this, our governor still has us on mandatory mask mandates, social distancing, virtual schooling and all the other lock down requirements. The Maine Policy Institute released a report detailing the UNNECESSARY damage such policies brought on the state, in their report. This report further concludes: “All seven states out performed the majority of the country in both minimizing death, as well as, protecting their economies. Some of these states even experienced spikes in cases and still managed the disease far better than states with similar caseloads that issued a stay at home order. There is no definitive evidence to suggest that stay at home orders are effective at addressing COVID-19. Furthermore, the United States experiment with the policy has yielded results that are not favorable to Dr. Fauci’s suggestion regarding the nationwide implementation of stay at home orders.”

Another fact, this virus has a 99% survival rate. Why in the world were we put through this hell?! My last article covered it perfectly, control. Next is the idea of Safety-ism. So what is Safety-ism? Safety-ism is the idea that all of the inherent risks that life entails must be reduced, that state power must be mobilized to mitigate those risks, and that any intervention that reduces those risks, to any degree, is justified. There is 1 major flaw with that theory, The Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. Living as a free person requires some assumption of risk. Living in comparative “safety” is not worth surrendering our right, to govern our own lives, to the state—our right to make our own decisions about which risks are acceptable. Another fact, the covid tests are highly unreliable, causing false positives.

Next fact, not being reported, is the fact that many healthcare workers are against taking the vaccine. Many doctors are warning against this vaccine. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who found the link between the combo MMR vaccine and Autism, says this is an irreversible genetic modification. He discusses the difference of a vaccine, which is proteins vs what this is, mRNA– which does indeed change your DNA, which Moderna verifies here. Next, are ALL of the deaths and injuries caused by the vaccine. These are not being widely reported. This one is about a doctor in FL who died from a mysterious blood clot, this was 16 days after the covid vaccine. 23 people have died in Norway, so fa, in less than a month, since the vaccine rollout. As of January 29th, there have been 501 total deaths. Of those 453 were here in the US.The Pfizer vaccine was taken by 59% of those who died, while the Moderna vaccine was taken by 41%. In addition to the deaths, there have been over 11,249 adverse reactions.

5 days after receiving her 2nd dose of the vaccine, a 28 yr old nurse was admitted to the ICU. She was pronounced brain dead after a cerebral angiography confirmed a severe hemorrhage in her brain stem, which caused her to have a stroke. Her family members confirmed that she broke out in rashes and sudden migraine headaches right after the first dose of the vaccine. She then got sick right after taking the second dose of the vaccine. At the very end, she lost the ability to speak and went unconscious. The vaccines are also reducing fertility, new studies show. Due to the fast roll out, there is a rule that not 1 vaccine company may be held liable for any injury or deaths. Instead, the victims or victims family are steered to an obscure federal bureaucracy, with a record of seldom paying claims This alone should frighten you.

Posting this again, on this article, because this is a thing and proves this is all a farce. H.R. bill 6666, COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act, introduced 5/2020. I and many people I know will NOT get the vaccine. Let’s hope most people are smart enough not too. The death toll is way too high already for the short time they have been released.


  1. Heidi Pawloski · March 31

    Wow! Fantastic read, thank you so much. I just discovered DuckDuckGo and found you searching “covid vax danger” and on Google its scrubbed, but luckily I found it here. I’m so sad about all this. I wont take or give this poison to my family. I’m really scared they’re going to try and force us. I’ve never been so scared to be honest. I wish more people cared. Anyways, thank you. Keep fighting the good fight;)

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    • MWitt · April 1

      I totally get that. Read the rest. There is some great info in here. A lot of people think Vaccines are the answer but they are far from it. The Amish never vaccinate and eat all organic, farm grown produce. Never get sick and are super healthy. People need to wake up and do their own research. Big pharma and vaccines are not the way to keep us safe. It is the opposite.


  2. Carolyn Sue Hall · April 5

    I have read all of the research… Dr. Tenpenny, Dr Gold Dr. MERRIT AND PHD Boesch. Won’t someone do the research an publish how this demonic shot can be reversed?


    • MWitt · April 5

      Once you take any vaccine you are in trouble and it is irreversible. This is probably not the 1st 1 to rewrite your DNA. I am not taking it and I don’t care what gets done. This is all super temporary. The dominion results came in and it was indeed a Trump landslide. That will be my next article.

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    • John · April 22

      That’s the problem… Good doctors and medical lab scientists have already done the leg work on this question… Unfortunately, No it’s Non Reversible ! And the Reason why is… the Human Genome once it’s been Tampered with … Can not remember what it used to be.. before being Altered. Only in Cloning technology can a dna cell remember what it is… because it’s never been Altered or tampered with. Hope you understand how I explained it to you. Please spread the word and convince your friends and family to do Medical research before taking the Experimental injection. Because if they don’t… it may be the last time you see them 🙏🏻😢😔


    • Becca · May 5

      Please. I want to have it reversed for my dad


      • MWitt · May 10

        Unfortunately, its irreversible.


    • Brandon · May 11

      If you’re pro-life, which I assume you are, 1% of 7 billion is 70 million. You’re okay with 70 million needlessly dying? If you bite the bullet and are okay with this number, then where do you draw the line? At what percent do you say okay, the number is too high, let’s mandate a vaccine.


      • MWitt · May 11

        You are part of the misinformed. The number in the US is 29,000 deaths. This fake disease has a 99.7% survival rate, so to have a vaccine which is more deadly than the actual illness is ridiculous. You clearly haven’t read all of my verifiable links that I have posted which shows i am correct. Nice try though. You will see. I mean Project Veritas got the CEO of CNN on air admitting they lied about everything, including the COVID numbers, because “fear sells.” The proof is everywhere. I suggest you wake up before you are 1 of the casualties of this terrible vaccine.

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  3. donald williams · April 12

    Awesome truth…as a 30 yr. med tech and 4 yrs. Pharmaceutical research, there is no way any of these placebo shots can be effective.
    Today, a woman I bought product from was shaking worse than any junky or drying out alcoholic and scared out of her wits…the sartorial bastard that gave her the shot said it was “unusual but not abnormal”. Ever hear a bigger lie than that?


  4. Linda · April 17

    WOW I just tried at forward this to Facebook and they didn’t allow it. What the H..l are they afraid of? THE TRUTH!


    • MWitt · April 17

      Yep. Share it via email and messenger.


  5. Use Your Heads · April 19

    As another comment stated, Google is hiding anything against the virus. I had to find this using Bing. Changing my default browser immediately, and I advise anyone else using google to do the same.


  6. Wayne Gilbert · May 10

    Yes Google is all bull s , this so called vaccine is experimental people are dropping left and right , I know I guy in his 70$ that got both about 4 months ago he was so excited now he’s not looking to good can’t walk that great shaking and stuttering I just put my hand on his shoulder and said take care of yourself I know what’s going to happen to him and his poor wife whom I never met , I have family I never talk to anymore posting on FAKEBOOK HOW THEY GOT THE JAB SOME HAVE A PICTURE TAKEN WHILE ITS BEING DONE MY BROTHER WHO IS AN ASSHOLE NARCISIST IS ONE OF THEM ,AND PEOPLE COMMENT WITH YAY GOOD FOR YOU, this is twightlight zone type stuff going on ! I pray everyday twice usually with my Bible for all who have taken this poison , if you have any worry or fear give it to God he will handle it !!! you can’t tell these people the truth even show them videos they get so angry so I stopped trying! God bless you all !


    • Jenna · 25 Days Ago

      Hi Wayne, I can really relate about the friend and relatives..

      My friend and her husband hiked and played tennis the day before their jab, a few days later I don’t see them, they emerge from their house barely able to keep their eyes open, they want to sleep constantly and are as stiff as boards. Both will not have a second jab.

      My two know it all cousins are always pestering me about ” it’s science! ” one now has a constant
      headache , the other hasn’t kept a meal down for five weeks. They showed off their jabs
      all over town five weeks ago and now they are ill.

      The know it alls are emotionally driven by narrative, no real thought
      process involved.

      Exactly! the anger is horrendous, it is really a Spiritual battle going on!

      I call this The Cult Of The Jab


  7. Wayne Gilbert · May 10

    I would also like to say many nurses I know went to school some for yrs got the jab , I only have a highschool diploma and know the truth it’s mind boggling !


  8. anon · May 14

    Hey man, thanks for writing this article.

    The fatality from Corona is over 1 % *Some country has rate as high as 9~10%.
    And fatality among elderly is high.
    According to the stat, fatality from total of 179 countries is about 2 %.
    So depending on where you are, you may or may not have choice to avoid vaccination.
    The danger of vaccination is true though another fact is that people are actually dying from corona virus as well.

    At the end, this is a tough choice whether to take or not to take a vaccine (unless there’s another solution).
    So at least isn’t it a good thing to wear a mask so we have less chance of getting infected?
    At least I don’t see much disadvantage of wearing mask (except less comfortable).


    • MWitt · May 14

      If you have read all of my posts you know that is not true. That is what the media is pushing and it is false. CNN was caught on air admitting to lie about the numbers. The CDC website states the death toll is only 6% of the number reported, which makes the true death toll to 29,000. I also did a post on how masks have 0 benefits and do not protect against covid, they even say so on the box, It is all about control.


  9. Alika · May 14

    Lol the HR BILL IS 6666666 if people dont got a fucking vrain this just shows how extrememly evil this whole charade really is 😬


  10. Ministerofblog · May 21

    Reblogged this on Will You Let God Set You Free!? and commented:
    Just Had to Repost this great read, please do the same on your blog its great information that MUST BE SPREAD. We all must wake up to the scam artists that have blinded the masses to their POSIN PILLS…. be a part of the Great Awakening!


  11. aftb · 28 Days Ago

    It is good informative article. In the beginning days of COVID I listened to a video of Dr. Muhammad Javed of Services hospital, Lahore Pakistan. He said that vaccine of RNA virus is extremely difficult or nearly impossible as it changes its characteristics. But on other hand he has made research on healing thru sound therapy and got amazing results on patients of cancer, hepatitis B &C etc. etc. A good news for COVID patients also. May God save all the world from COVID diseases.


  12. Jenna · 25 Days Ago

    I have Psoriac Arthitis and will never have the Covid Vaccine , my immune system is on 24/7 , I believe the vaccine would heighten my chances for allergies, variable adverse reactions. I also hsven’t had a cold for over two decades and the flu from a vaccine when I was 2 yrs old

    I’m well aware COVID is not the flu or cold, I protect myself in other ways.

    Amazing article!


  13. Jfer · 18 Days Ago

    Thank you for this article. Never would of found it but I use duck duck go for things I know are being suppressed. I use to get flu vaccine and also had my son get it. Every February/March and sometimes once both months we both would get the flu. His temps get scary high over 104.1. Then I met my current bf and he stopped getting them and said how bad they were. So I decided to stop and prayed I not get sick. In almost 8 years. Neither myself or my son have got the flu or any other sickness (other then allergies). I can’t believe it!! All these years no fly with no vaccinate but yet got the flu every flippin year before that with a flu vaccine. No way am I taking any vaccine anymore. I appreciate those of you who can get the truth out. Cuz there are too many yet who trust these control freaks. Sad how they have to control us to feel good. But the truth will come out eventually and we shall see I’m next year or so what these vaccines do to people. Take care all. Xo


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